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CFRB Video Teasers

Christian Fiction Review Blog seeks to be different than all other blogs, or at the very least a forerunner in some areas. For that reason we are including a page of booktrailers of books that we have sent out on blogtours or will be doing so in the near future. Our aim is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through works of fiction, and if booktrailers can make that happen, then all the better. To the best of our knowledge we are pioneers in this particular area. I hope you enjoy these additions. - David Brollier; co-founder

Light at the Edge of Darkness, compiled by Cynthia MacKinnon

Infinite Space, Infinite God, compiled by Karina Fabian

ONE SMOOTH STONE, by Marcia Lee Laycock

Petticoat Ranch, by Mary Connealy

The 3rd Covenant, by David Brollier

Flashpoint, by Frank Creed

Faith Awakened, by Grace Bridges

Wind Follower, by Carole McDonnell

Time Masters; Book One: The Call, by Geralyn Beauchamp

Nor Iron Bars a Cage, by Caprice Hokstad

Never Ceese, by Sue Dent

Asulon, by William McGrath

Gentle Journey, by Elaine Lyons Bach

Come to Me, by Laura Davis

Higher Honor, by Susan Kirkland

Leaps of Faith, compiled by Karina Fabian

Double Minds, by Terri Blackstock

It appears that the video for True Light no longer exists, yet this is one of her later works. I hope you enjoy it. David Brollier, co-founder CFRB

Interview with Amy Wallace (part 2)

The Ark, the Reed and the Firecloud, by Jenny Cote


TALKING TO THE DEAD, by Bonnie Grove

The Cat Who Made Nothing Something Again, by James Maxon


STARLIGHTER, by Bryan Davis

Legendary Space Pilgrims, by Grace Bridges

Winter, by Keven Newsome

New Video for Winter, by Keven Newsome